1/23 Drake Dragonfly - Release Version

The story of the Drake Dragonfly model is quite interesting. It serves as the first of its scale, the first of model I donated to CIG, and the most given away model I've made to date. Much of this was due to how pleased I was with the original design. Almost a year and a half later, the model was ready for some rework.


With the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 players got to experience the Drake Dragonfly in game. One of the first bits I recognized was that the concept model my original design was based on had changed throughout in-game production. 


Aside from the weapon size increase, some of the cockpit changed, the rear tail, cargo box support and rear tail section. While not perfect, it's much more representative of what is in-game right now.


Back in the day I was doing very little in terms of ship weaponry. For the Dragonfly I kept it simple and did a rough blockout. That line of thinking no longer works. In this world of cut-throat wood modelling, I had to step up my game and make those Behring M3A laser cannons speak for themselves! 


To cap it off, I embellished the model with personal and Drake branding. I'm still getting to grips with the engraving options of the new laser cutter. This model went quicker than last so hopefully it becomes a more regular thing.  


Part of the rework was inspired by the up coming CitizenCon. Since it's being "hosted by Drake Industries" I felt bringing one model with me was in order. The Dragonfly should fit that bill... of course I easily change my mind!