Fall has arrived!

While I’ve been light on updates as of late, I’ve still been busy behind the scenes.

While I’m not selling any of models I’ve made, I still have an interest in one day having my own brand, product, and IP. To “scratch the itch” so to speak I’ve been playing around with box and packaging designs. Something to emulate how I would build my models as if I was offering a complete package to a consumer.


It has been a lot of learning as I’ve needed to think about packaging in ways that were very foreign to me. Graphic design has never been a strong suit so just putting something down and printed out was refreshing.


As you can see I took the opportunity to organize some of my spare kits as well as show off what I’ve done in a more creative manner. Now all that remains is to put the Terrapin together for the first time. I’ve easily spend the longest long its model… so here’s to hoping it turns out the best!


A Monster is Coming

It’s 2019!

I am full speed ahead for this new year. After some thoughtful thinking, I’ve decided to continue making Star Citizen models in a very light capacity while I figure the rest of my personal ship universe.

Since I now have the room for it, I will be stepping into larger models. While the number of models I make will decrease, the size and complexity will increase. To kick off 2019 strong, the Aegis Idris-M is first on the chopping block for ships model.

At 1/128th scale, the final length is just over 6 ft. This is gonna be a monster!


December 2018 Update

As this year comes to a close, it’s once again time to reflect on where we’ve come and where we are going.

This year had a lot of ups and downs. I got off to a slow start with the 300 and 100 series ships before ramping into my first ever model sale. Taking over a month of my life, it was harder on me than I expected.

That, however, was a necessary evil. Going from the dream of selling models to actually doing it opened my eyes to “the business”. I foolishly decided to track the project manually, instead of letting automated systems do it for me. I offered 9 different models, each with custom engraving… way too many! It was as close to jumping straight into the thick of it as it gets. While all the models shipped and I somehow lived through the experience, I came to the realization that I needed my own designs.

Artwork by the wonderful  Nicoohai !

Artwork by the wonderful Nicoohai!

For the remainder of the year I settled back into the status quo. Doing models here and there as time allowed. I would once again push myself to the absolute brink of sanity in September for CitizenCon. While I set out well in advance to build and give away 6 models at the event, last minute legal issues made me lose almost a month of work. With people criticizing me, as well as people supporting me, it was a very stressful week leading up to the event. In the end, all of the models went to their new owners in Austin.

Looking forward, I’m still uncertain as to what the future holds. Models are currently a hobby. I do them for enjoyment and to push myself. Occasionally I gift them and am thankful for the joy they bring others in the community. However, upon learning the ins and outs of IP law, I am unsure how much longer I will continue to make Star Citizen content. Having to go through hoops just to give them away puts a lot of pressure on both me and CIG’s legal team.

For the last couple months I’ve been working on my own IP. It’s an original story, original world, and most importantly, original models. While I’m nowhere close to revealing it, my current goal is to release my first commercially available model next year. It will require me to push myself… but in a way that makes me better for it. I look forward to seeing how the community reacts to my own designs.

To close out this year, I want to offer a big thanks for those who’ve supported me. Who’ve encouraged me while I was in the thick of it and partied with me when it was all over. I’ve got atleast 2 more Star Citizen models finishing this year… so I best get back to work!