1/23 Drake Dragonfly - CitizenCon Edition

A few nights ago I got to thinking about CitizenCon. Many things were crossing my mind about what and if I should bring any models with me on the trip to Austin. Carrying stuff in my luggage is such a pain. As a person who chronically worries, being afraid I was going to break a model could be a stressful situation. Through sheer coincidence, TEST Squadron approached me with a solution to my problem. 


When I shipped a the Hornet to the UK for BritizenCon or the three trophy's to Texas for VerseCon, I was more than relieved when I heard they had arrived safely. Shipping has always been a pain. However the recent Dragonfly rework has yielded a niffy little travel case. One that I could ship as well!


Through my discussions with TEST, we eventually landed on giving away two Dragonfly models at CitizenCon. These two models would take part in a giveaway at the TEST Squadron booth during the event. How the models will be given away I cannot say... however I do know some people are already gunning for one. This giveaway allows me to show off my models in person while not having to lug them all around with me the day of.  


Tonight I finished the proof of concept model that will be approved by the illustrious TEST Board of Directors. Other than making the end caps black, instead of grey, I think this is a very good representation of what the two models will look like. I especially like the grey/blue color scheme; easy on the eyes and great looking in person.


The next time you'll see these models will be at CitizenCon proper! 

Enjoy some pictures from behind the scenes!