Where do I begin...

Some people have called me eccentric. They're probably right. I'm a 30 year old Engineer that loves to build stuff. A moment not spent creating is torturous. 

3 years ago I backed an up and coming video game called Star Citizen. 2 years ago I started to get involved with the community of the aforementioned video game. Like most members, I had a collection of ships not currently in-game with no way to enjoy them until they got released. 

3D printing ship models first crossed my mind. However, the time and expense of making large enough models deterred me.

After some careful planning, lasercraft models were born.


My own blend of 3D printing and laser cut wood allowed me to design models that could be large enough to fill a desktop, but quick enough to build in one weekend.


2 years later I'm still going strong. At over 35 ship models to date, the formula and models continue to evolve. As I look to the future, model sales as well as my own designs will soon make their way to the website.

Feel free to check back regularly as I update the site! You can also follow me on Twitter!